Christmas Orders

Collection Day *

A £20 deposit to be paid on orders. Once you have completed your order, you can either drop the deposit into the shop or transfer to our account using the following details:

Account No: 40484237
Sort Code: 090129
Reference: Your Name

Please note that no orders will be processed unless a deposit has been received.

Final Payment

WHen collecting you order, we would prefer cash on collection or BACS transfer using the above details prior to collection.


All our Turkey is sourced from Suffolk, except Kelly Bronze, which is from North Essex.

White Whole Turkey

Available Weights: 4-5kg, 5-6kg, 6-7kg, 7-8kg, 8-9kg, 9-10kg, 10+kg

Bronze Whole Turkey

Available Weights: 4-5kg, 5-6kg, 6-7kg, 7-8kg, 8-9kg, 9-10kg, 10+kg

White Turkey Breast Rolls

Stuffed Turkey Breast Rolls

Turkey Crowns (3-5kgs)

Other Poultry

Whole Chickens

Available Weights: 1.5kg - 5kg

Norfolk Goose

Available Weights: 5kg - 8kg

Fresh Duck Whole

Available Weights: 1.5kg - 3kg


Fore Rib

Topside Joint

Rolled Sirloin

Beef Wellington (0.5kg - 3kg)

Please choose a weight between 0.5kg and 3kg in 0.5kg Increments


Leg Rolled

Shoulder Rolled

Loin Rolled








Cooked Ham

Ham Joint


Sausage Meat


Christmas Sausages

Directors Sausages

East End Bangers


Please choose the number of packs you wish to order (each pack weighs 0.5kgs)

Smoked Streaky

Unsmoked Streaky

Suffolk Black

Smoked Drycure

Smoked Back

Any Other Requests

  • All other orders to be placed by Monday 11th December 2023
  • No exceptions - The shop will close at 2.00pm on 23rd December 2023 and is closed Sunday 24th December 2023
  • All orders to be collected on selected collection date